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Freedom Rings Equine Assisted Therapy

Experience Freedom Our Way.

About Freedom Rings.

A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world. Here, life slows down and focuses on what is really important—food, shelter, life, love, healing, growing. With life at its most elemental, priorities become clear. Days become less cluttered and more peaceful—and with peace, comes healing.

Working with horses is a key part of healing for veterans and first responders. A horse asks little but gives much. In befriending a horse, both horse and person must learn to trust. When they do, a bond is formed forever. 

Studies have shown that both veterans and first responders benefit from equine assisted therapy. While this can take the form of riding, it can also simply be taking care of horses or being around horses and barns. In this quiet, natural place, the world fades away and body, mind and spirit are renewed. 

Our new program, Freedom Rings, pairs veterans, military members, first responders and their families with one of our rescue horses to facilitate the healing process. Since each of our human and equine participants requires a different amount of time to heal, we give everyone whatever time is needed. 

At Triple C, we have family members who are veterans. We understand the toll that service can take. We are honored to offer the Freedom Rings program in hopes that it can play a role in guiding fellow veterans back to full and healthy lives. 

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In Partnership with Veterans Forward

100% of what we raise goes to Veterans Forward in order to help Maine veterans get the services they need.


Our Annual Benefit

Barnyard Beats

Come Join the Fun August 26th!

  • Support Maine Veterans

  • Free Parking

  • Tickets $20

  • Live Music

  • Silent Raffle

  • Delicious Food

  • Doors Open at 3:30

Learn More about the event. 

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